What Does Subliminal Mean?

subliminal messagesSubliminal means below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it. Subliminal messages can be embedded in audio or visual media.

How do Subliminal Messages Work?

Subliminal messages in audio are recorded at a low level, below the sound of the carrier music and binaural or isochronic beats. Your conscious mind is unable to hear them or make the words out if they are at ‘whisper’ level.  Some people are skeptical about subliminal recordings, saying that if they can’t hear the words, how can they know they are there? This is a fair question, but there is a large body of research that proves the sub-conscious mind can hear words and sounds at a level lower than normal auditory capability.

Our subliminal recordings are spoken by real people, they are not text-to-voice recordings that sound robotic when played without the backing.  Our recording is then overlaid with nature sounds, isochronic tones or beats, and ambient soundscapes, and we reduce the volume of the subliminal affirmations so that they ‘sit’ below the carrier compilation.  The listening experience is enjoyable and highly effective as the positive messages reach your unconscious mind.

Advantages – The advantage of listening to subliminal recordings is that they are particularly effective at bypassing your conscious mind. If you are overly analytical, ordinary hypnosis may not be as effective as you can question and argue with what you are hearing. With subliminals, it’s not possible to do this as you are not aware of what is being said. We consider it much better not to know what is being said and this is why we only include a transcript of the subliminal messages on request.