What are Self-Limiting Beliefs?

self limiting beliefs 2We all have beliefs about everything. Our beliefs begin forming in childhood, when we pick up on what we hear our parents and siblings talking about. As we progress through school, college, university, our first job, we continue to form and develop our beliefs. Our social circle, media and education play a huge part in shaping our beliefs, as do other more deeply ingrained conditioned thinking coming from our cultural, religious, political and socio-economic backgrounds.

Beliefs are necessary for survival. We need them as our frames of reference to help us move through life, and as they become ingrained in our subconscious, they take root and become our reality. Most, or many, of our beliefs are true, accurate and help protect us as we go through life. However, not ALL of them are. Many of them are outdated and working against our true desires.

How do I identify my Self Limiting Beliefs?

The best way is to keep a pen and notebook handy. Then, start listening to your internal dialogue. How do you talk to yourself? What are you saying, exactly? What feelings come up when you have a given thought related to the issue you want to change? This exercise takes a bit of practice but it’s important and easiest to just write down exactly what comes out. Do this every day for a week and be honest with yourself. This is absolutely essential. It is your truth that matters here, so tell it like it is. Once the week is up, go over your notes and look for patterns. What are the key points that keep coming up?  These will be the first things that come to mind when you are about to indulge again in a habit or thought process that you are unhappy with. Listen to the amazing way your subconscious provides a plethora of excuses, reasons and justifications for why you simply MUST go ahead and have that cake, cigarette, feeling or whatever.

notepadThis technique is surprisingly effective in helping those with unwanted habits to identify the root causes associated with them. It is no less effective in helping you understand why you have other emotional issues, such as anxiety or lack of confidence. To illuminate these areas, think about situations in which you find yourself anxious or lacking in confidence. What are the thoughts that come up? How do those thoughts make you feel?  Go back in your memory to find previous incidents that have caused you greater stress or anxiety. Write them all down. Do this for a week, then go back over your notes and look for patterns and key phrases. Once you have done this exercise, you’ll be ready for the next step.

Realise/accept that you own your self-limiting beliefs.

It is important to fully understand that all of your Self-Limiting Beliefs stem from your subconscious mind’s fierce desire to protect you from harm, so acknowledging this is the first step to eliminating and rebuilding a better set of beliefs. They are your beliefs, no matter how, why or when they were formed, no matter that they are no longer serving your best interests. You do that by simply saying ‘Thank you!’ to your inner self.  ‘Thank you for trying to always protect me.’ And mean it when you say it.

Eliminating Self Limiting Beliefs

We have designed a special MP3 recording aimed at helping you to eliminate these negative, Self-Limiting Beliefs once you have identified them, using powerful, proven NLP techniques that will get you over these hurdles.