The Law of Gratitude is one of the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction. You cannot successfully ‘work’ the Law of Attraction unless you fully understand the need to express gratitude for everything you have in your life – right here, right now.  The Law of Gratitude simply states that you should express gratitude for everything you have in your life, and continually thank the Universe (your higher power) for everything. You should seek out more and more things to be grateful for everyday. It’s a lot of fun to realize that you already have so much to be grateful for in your life. thank youStart with the obvious things: your family, friends, your job (even if you are not happy in your job right now – be thankful you have an income that is a means to an end, and start thanking the universe for the fabulous new job that is coming your way!), your pets, home, car, mobile phone. Then expand your list (yes, write it all down) to include everything else you can think of – your clothes, jewellery, cologne, laptop… etc, until you’ve run out of ideas. You’ll be surprised at how many things you have in life to be grateful for. Then stretch your thinking beyond the obvious. Do you have electricity? Running water? Air conditioning? Aren’t you grateful that you have all these things that you more than likely take for granted every day? Imagine for a few minutes what your life would be like if you didn’t have these things? See, instant gratitude! Practicing the Law of Gratitude is essential. Do it as often as you possibly can. It’s your first step to making the Law of Attraction work for you.