The Law of Attraction, simply stated, means that ‘Like attracts Like’ and ‘what you think about, you become’ or, ‘what you focus on, you get’. This has been written in hundreds of different ways, but the crux of it remains the same. The message was written in the Bible, and was known to ancient sages long before the Bible was written, so it’s been around for a very long time.

think positiveYou and everything on the planet, in space, in the whole universe, are energy, vibrating at different speeds. Everything has a vibrational rate. The slower the rate, the more dense the object is – so when you sit on a chair, you won’t fall through it because it’s made of denser matter – atoms so tightly packed together that it is solid. Thoughts and feelings are energy and when you think negative thoughts, or feel negative feelings, you are sending negative energy out to the universe and it responds by sending you back more of the same.

shutterstock_132820748Such thoughts have lower negative vibrations that attract more negative vibrations. It’s like a massive mirror that reflects back everything you project onto it. When you realize just how powerful your thoughts are, you’ll start to be very careful about how you think. If you want the universe to give you health, wealth and abundance, start thinking thoughts of health, wealth and abundance. Constantly. Do not give the universe a thought that you know is negative. Start right now by reframing any negative thought that comes into your mind. You can choose what you think. Choose positive thoughts always.