What is Creative Visualization?

creative thinkingIn 1978, Shakti Gawain published her seminal work, ‘Creative Visualization’ and launched what was virtually an unheard of concept at the time. The book has since sold over 6 million copies in more than 30 languages, and for many it remains the most cherished work on the subject to this day. Many more books have been written about the technique, and thousands of ‘gurus’ attest to its power. So what is creative visualization, exactly?

Creative Visualization is basically the art of using your imagination. Generally it’s best to settle down, relax, and let your mind wander into your visualization of choice. The more vividly you can see, hear, and feel, in your imagination, the greater the impact on your sub-conscious mind, as it does not know the difference between real and imagined. Therefore, when you vividly imagine something regularly, your subconscious thinks it is real, and helps move you towards the reality of making it real in your life.

See NLP for more on how we process information internally.

Advantages – Taking just 30 minutes out of your day to creatively visualize the life of your dreams, in which you infuse those dreams with feelings of passion, can bring remarkable changes to your life.