Your conscious mind

subconscious mindThis is basically your waking, thinking, logical, reasoning, analytical self. It’s the part of you that knows how to get out of bed in the morning, get you dressed and ready for the day. It’s the part that is above the surface, where your active brain resides. It’s there with you now, reading this.

Your sub-conscious mind

This is the part of your mind that is below the threshold of consciousness, and is often likened to an iceberg  – the tip you see above the water is the conscious mind, whereas the massive block beneath the surface is where all the action is really taking place. Your subconscious is also often compared to a computer’s hard drive, where a mind-boggling amount of data is stored. In fact, it is estimated that your brain can store anywhere between 3 and 1000 terabytes of data.

These data are gathered from the moment you are born and every day for the rest of your life, information is being collected and stored in this powerhouse of knowledge. Your sub-conscious is responsible for everything that you do without awareness or having to think about  – breathing, sleeping, walking, moving, healing, digestion, and much more.  It is where all your mental programming is stored. This encompasses your thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, preferences, memories, dreams, ideals, desires… the list is endless.  It is often noted that we only use 10% of our mind/brain’s capacity. The other 90% is an untapped treasure trove waiting for you to access it. You just need the right key.