Delta / Theta / Alpha / Beta / Gamma

Everything our brain does, it does using waves. We know this because science has proven it, with the use of EEGs (electroencephalograms) and fMRIs (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging). There are 5 key brainwaves we need to look at here:

DeltaDelta Waves –  the deepest form of relaxation. Associated with pain reduction, endorphin release, euphoria, harmony, balance, production of endogenous opiates (enkephalins) to control pain and reduce anxiety, restful sleep, self-renewal, enhancement, improving memory, learning, problem solving.

ThetaTheta Waves –  very deep levels  of relaxation. Associated with restful / deeper sleep, less sleep due to creating better quality of sleep, meditation, inner guidance, intuition, creative ability especially for art, invention, music. Also for grounding, meditation, memory, focus, inner peace, emotional healing and mental fatigue. 

AlphaAlpha Waves –  awake, relaxed and not doing very much. Associated with learning new information, creativity, enhanced serotonin release, mood elevation, arousal.

BetaBeta Waves – awake, alert, normal brainwave state. Associated with concentration on tasks, focusing, improved attention, problem solving, conscious thinking and learning.

GammaGamma Waves –  associated with formation of ideas, language, memory, and learning. These are considered ‘higher’ states, usually only achievable by those who have spent a great deal of time meditating, such as Tibetan Monks.

Our recordings use Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta Hz frequencies. Hz means cycles per second. When we want to achieve a particular brainwave state to effect change, we choose specially composed carrier music designed with that specific state in mind.

All our recordings have been carefully compiled to help you reach the desired state quickly and effectively.