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My name is Maria McMahon and I am the founder of atuneu

and creator of The Shortcut Wealth Creator System

A bit about me…

My background is a mixture of therapy and corporate HR. As I mention in this video. I’d had some very tough times until I got the Law of Attraction working for me again. In the early ‘90s I was practicing hypnotherapy and NLP in my practice in London’s Covent Garden, as well as doing voluntary work with a clinic that specialized in supporting substance misusers with HIV in Brixton. These were challenging and rewarding times. However, international travel beckoned and I moved to Hong Kong. That was the beginning of 18 years of travelling and working in the UAE, setting up my own recruitment business, which then failed miserably due to the economic downturn. By understanding and working the Law of Attraction, I manifested not one but two brilliant, high paying jobs, as I’ve mentioned in the video too. One was in Azerbaijan, then I came back to Dubai where I now reside. Much as I loved my work in HR, the Law of Attraction was starting to play a much more important role in my life than I realized.

My Dilemma

I was now a six-figure salary earner. I knew that if I wanted to continue with this profession, I could do so quite easily. In fact, I already had an interview lined up for a major oil company in Qatar. But, I asked myself, ‘Is this what I want to do for the rest of
 my life?’ And at this point I could feel a mental shift taking place. A life-changing shift. I knew that the changes I had experienced in my life had not been down to good luck, but to applying the principles of the
Law of Attraction. It was powerful and I knew it. And if the Law of Attraction had worked so well for me, then surely it could work just as well for anyone else. But before I tell you more about me you may be asking yourself:

What can this site do for me?

The reason you have landed on this page is that you may have a problem or some struggle in your life that you need help with. I have compiled over 60 MP3 recordings that will help change your life in ways you never thought possible, using some of the most advanced technology available. Below are just some of the problems that my recordings WILL help you address:

  • wealth creation
  • self-limiting beliefs
  • stress
  • addiction
  • self image
  • pain control
  • motivation
  • anxiety

These are just some of the areas you will find solutions for on atuneu. If you suffer with any of these issues, you almost certainly have limiting blocks or beliefs that are manifesting in things you don’t want in your life. My recordings will help you overcome these problems.

The NO-RISK promise

I have selected a recording from my catalog: Achieve Your Ambitions which you now have an opportunity to download this recording and try it for yourself…….absolutely free of charge. The recording is yours to keep, forever, with absolutely no commitment whatsoever. I want you to be able to try these recordings before you do anything else. Once you have had the chance to see and feel what my recordings can do for you I am certain you will want to try more. 

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atuneu is changing lives: These recordings are helping to change people’s lives for the better. They can and WILL help change your life too.

Read on to find out why I set up atuneu and created The Shortcut Wealth Creator System 

My Therapy Breakthrough

purple bulbsI felt a very strong intuitive pull to return to the field of therapy and personal growth. I am a huge fan of personal development and had kept practicing Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) over the years with family and friends. Suddenly and without any shred of doubt, I knew what I had to do. It was the proverbial ‘light bulb’ moment. I declined the pending interview in Qatar, cancelled my masters and decided to continue studying and developing my knowledge of personal growth and therapy, fields that resonate with me on every level and which I am deeply passionate about. I began studying with the enthusiasm that can only spring form a deeply intense passion.

During my research I came across Brainwave Entrainment and music based therapy to effect rapid change in people’s lives. This turned out to be a very exciting time. I have always found music to be a great mood enhancer, and had used music as backing for my therapy sessions and recordings previously. After further research I found some incredible software that allowed me to make my own subliminal recordings, using Brainwave Entrainment. I was ecstatic. I began experimenting with various techniques, combining hypnotherapy, NLP, subliminal suggestions, and using myself as my first guinea pig. The success I immediately experienced with the biggest bane of my life – weight loss – was utterly astonishing. I could not believe how something I had struggled with for years suddenly changed, literally overnight, as a result of making myself one recording. Not only did I lose weight, but I cured my insomnia and reduced my blood pressure, enabling me to stop taking medication.

I started making recordings for my family and friends, and they proved so effective and enjoyable that I simply knew I had to return to the world of therapy full time. It was at this point I decided to create atuneu, and the method I now term ‘Cogni-Fusion’, which is a combination of special therapeutic tools including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Brainwave Entrainment and Subliminal Messages – that I use to create all the atuneu recordings. But that wasn’t enough… I wanted to create a suite of affordable products that really explained the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction and how using these elements combined with my Cogni-Fusion techniques could enable people to see rapid results in any area of their lives, fast! The Shortcut Wealth Creator is the result. Click HERE to find out more.

Join me on this journey

I’d love to share my journey with you, and offer you a chance to expand your horizons in the field of personal development too. That means improving any area of your life that is currently causing you worry, frustration, pain, anxiety – or just knowing that you could, with a little help, greatly enhance your life! I invite you to share your journey with me and other visitors to atuneu. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about any of the forms of therapy I specialize in, or any of the products I have created. I look forward to welcoming you to atuneu, and I am sure you have great success to look forward to on your journey. Maria McMahon



Relax, Focus, Achieve

My Qualifications:

qualsCertified Master Life Coach

Certified Law of Attraction Coach (Advanced)

Certified Hypnotherapist (NLP & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy)

Diploma in NLP & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy BSc (Hons)

Psychology Degree Certified Reiki Practioner

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We hope you enjoy the products and look forward to being of service to you again. If you wish to purchase any of our recordings from atuneu please visit the MP3 Recordings section on our website.

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