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Product Description

Title: Wild Imagination

Recording Type: Cogni-Fusion, 5 Layers

Cogni-Fusion sessions have between 3 to 8 layers of different recordings. These may be combinations of music, nature, suggestions, NLP metaphors/therapy, subliminal messages and Brainwave Entrainment. 

Ideal for:

  • Releasing creativity
  • Seeing problems from new angles
  • Invoking new ideas and creative solutions

This recording will help unlock your creativity like never before. You will be guided into a relaxed state, lulled into a sense of calm peacefulness as sounds of nature and gentle water flowing surround you and ease your tension. In this deep place of comfort, your subconscious mind will be highly receptive to the creative suggestions, allowing you to tap into your subconscious reserves to find creative, innovative ideas and solutions to your problems in any area you focus on. With regular use, you’ll notice greater creativity and imaginative ideas will surface more and more without conscious effort.

Session Information:

Layer 1: Light Stream

Layer 2: Ambient Music

Layer 3: Relaxation Induction & Suggestion Script

Layer 4: Brainwave Entrainment: Binaural Beats

Layer 5: Pink Noise

Running Time: 50 Minutes

Headphones: Required

Note: Please see caution about Binaural Beats

Do not listen to any of atuneu’s products whilst driving or operating machinery