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Product Description

 Title: Beat Addiction: Beat Addiction – Decide To Change

Recording Type: Cogni-Fusion, 4 Layers

Cogni-Fusion sessions have between 3 to 8 layers of different recordings. These may be combinations of music, nature, suggestions, NLP metaphors/therapy, subliminal messages and Brainwave Entrainment. For best results we recommend you listen when you will not be disturbed and can fully engage with the experience. Repeated listening is also highly recommended for faster results.

Ideal for:

  • Taking charge of your life
  • Handling all life’s situations
  • Increasing self-belief

Is addiction ruining your life? No matter what form your addiction takes (from mild chocolate craving to severe alcohol or drug dependence), the road to success begins with the decision to change. This recording is one of 4 in the Beat Addiction Suite aimed at helping you on your journey back to health and freedom from addiction of any kind. If you are already receiving therapy or counseling support for withdrawal / breaking free of addiction, this programme can be a great adjunct to such therapy.

Session Information

Layer1: Ambient music combination

Layer2: Nature

Layer3: Full hypnotic relaxation induction, ego-strengthening suggestions & post hypnotic suggestion

Layer 4: 400 repeated subliminal affirmations

Length: 40 Minutes

Headphones: Required

Do not listen to any of atuneu’s products whilst driving or operating machinery