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Product Description

Title: Achieve Your Ambitions  

Recording Type: Cogni-Fusion, 5 Layers

Cogni-Fusion sessions have between 3 to 8 layers of different recordings. These may be combinations of music, nature, suggestions, NLP metaphors/therapy, subliminal messages and Brainwave Entrainment. For best results we recommend you listen when you will not be disturbed and can fully engage with the experience. Repeated listening is also highly recommended for faster results. 

Ideal for:

  • Achieving your goals
  • Making your dreams come true
  • Developing more optimism

Your subconscious mind is a reservoir of vast amounts of information and it’s where your dreams and desires reside. The way to unleash the astonishing power of your subconscious is easier than you think. This delightful recording begins with a light babbling brook, followed by ambient music combinations, relaxation induction and suggestions to help you tap into that powerhouse to get you motivated to achieve your ambitions and desires. An excellent addition to your motivation collection.

Session Information:

Layer 1: Nature Sounds

Layer 2: Ambient Music

Layer 3: Relaxation Induction & Suggestion Script

Layer 4: Pink Noise

Layer 5: Deep Delta with embedded Isochronic Tones

Running Time: 40 Minutes

Headphones: Optional but recommended

Do not listen to any of atuneu’s products whilst driving or operating machinery